23 Mobile Things, thing #2

For this thing I looked at the a few tip and trick videos on my tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition.

The first video is the S-Pen Demo from The Digital Digest Youtube channel. This is a really good overview of one of the tablets main selling features, the included stylus, the S-Pen which is integrated with the OS and lends itself to things like hand writing recognition, pen input in any field where the keyboard could be used. The Pen also allows for really good multitasking with both split-screen and hovering tiles that you can use certain apps. The Air Command dial that pops up when you remove the pen has some really useful features that allow you take notes from anywhere, search, add or change contact info, add notes or other items to a “scrapbook” which is a digital folder that you can save pictures, video, notes or other information to for reference later.

The second video that I watched was the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Software Review, also by The Digital Digest. The presenter goes through the OS add-ons that Samsung included on top of the stock Android. The Touchwiz overlay that Samsung includes has some really good features that add to the experience rather than being a burden to the device. They have integrated a good camera package, nice third party apps (like Dropbox and Evernote) that have nice features on the tablet. The tablet comes with a full Office type suite right out of the box. Samsung has done a really good job for multitasking with the multi-window feature that allows certain apps to run in a split screen.

Overall, this has been really great to learn a bit more about the mobile device that I use at home, always great to get a little extra and I found some features that i’m sure that I’m going to be using in the future.


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