23 Mobile Things, Thing # 4. Keeping Up.

RSS readers are pretty much the way I keep up on the internet. I currently use Feedly after Google Reader shut down last summer. Currently I have 159 different feeds that show up in Feedly. I mainly use it as the front page of the internet.

I have it set to have news sites like BBCnews, the New York Times and several other sites all feet into one place that I can browse at my leisure. I follow RSS feeds from the ALA, MLA and other librarian organizations.

One of the advantages That I really like in reading in this format is I can see trends in the news where I can see really important events because several organizations will put similar stories out that I can compair at a glance.

On my mobile devices I use Flipboard to read because I feel the visual format really lends to reading on a tablet. It is also really nice to get updates from social networks. Feedly does have a mobile app, but it doesn’t feel as natural to read on a smaller screen.


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