23 Mobile Things, Thing #5, Notetaking.

I tried Remember the Milk (RtM)as a note taking/productivity app. RtM is a really great reminder app, the to do lists, tasks reminders are all really easy to set, edit and view in the app or anywhere on the phone. I also like the widget that you can set to view the list on your home screen instead of having to open the app.

For regular note taking, I am still primarily an Evernote user. For all things that I need to remember at home or at work it goes in Evernote. If I see a good idea for a display I can snap a picture and it’s in my Evernote notebook where I can annotate it. I take notes at staff meetings on my phone and have them automatically filed and tagged . Evernote also has a few really great tricks up its sleeve. Evernote has really great optical character recognition, if you take a picture of a document or a business card you can search by a word that is printed in the picture without having to transcribe the text yourself. It even works well on (legible) handwriting on notes, and if you use Post-its you can have the notes automatically filed based on the color of the Post-it.

The other note taking app that I have installed on my phone is Google Keep. This is the app that I use for quite things that I need to remember for later, but I probably won’t need to remember for always. From the widget I can make a quick grocery list for on the way home, or snap a picture of a book to look up later to request. It can automatically transcribe voice notes. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as Evernote, but for quick notes its a great app.


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