23 Mobile Things, #6, Creating & Editing Documents

So this review was created in Quickoffice, and then cut and pasted to Tumblr, just to see the experience of producing text on a mobile device, specifically a smart phone.

Using the app to create documents would not my first choice of given options, but I think that is more a reflection of typing on a smaller screen. On a tablet it would most likely be a much better experience. Another factor would be the keyboard interface. On Android you can replace the stock keyboard with a multitude of options, I’m using SwiftKey. On my tablet I use the stock Google Android keyboard, or the Samsung S-Pen handwriting input.

Overall I I think that this is a passable option for creating documents, but not a preferred method. I find myself having to reread every sentence to make sure the predictive algorithms are typing what I want them to, but that is a feature of the keyboard not the word processing app.

I do like that Quickoffice is integrate with Google Drive and should be saved in the cloud. Looking at the different options it seems fairly intuitive to change things like font, formatting, and other necessary functions of a word processor. It doesn’t seem to have the ability for more advanced options that a full desktop office suite world offer, but for what it is seems like a good option for documents on the go

Addendum: Formatting doesn’t transfer over from Quickoffice to the Tumblr app, and I have had to go over the spelling and formatting again on a non-mobile screen.


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