23 Mobile Things, Thing # 7, Content Saving & Sharing

I tried out Pinterest as a content saving app, for the most part it was extremely easy to set up and use, very intuitive. Once I had the browser app button installed (the Pin button) as well as the accompanying Android app it was a breeze to start pinning things from around the web. I liked how easy it was to save content, see whom else had similar interests and where they were finding material. You can search by titles, sites, and tags (which can be really useful and powerful). It was really nice to see my content from around the web collected in such an easy and visual fashion. 

That being said, I don’t think that I’m going to continue to use the service. To me it seems that Pinterest is much more oriented towards creating and promoting a brand. For business I think that Pinterest could be a powerful tool to connect with fans and patrons. As an individual I don’t like the focus on the forced social integration. As an individual I don’t think that I’m interested in the level of sharing that Pinterest has. 

So the App that I use for saving and sharing content across platforms is Pocket (Web app, Android app, iOS app), formerly known as Read It Later, which is exactly how I use it. Pocket allows me to save content from anywhere on the web, and then I can filter it at a later time and sort it how I want it. What ends up happening is that a vast majority of articles, pictures, videos, new stories, useful sites and anything else that catches my eye on the web ends up in Pocket. Once I finish reading what I get to right away, I go to my Pocket(either on the web at www.getpocket.com or the app) and then I can read the articles that saved for later, visit sites that I thought were interesting and sort through everything else. For me Pocket is the first step in my workflow. Articles, recipes, instructions that I find stimulating/useful end up in Evernote. Sites that could be handy down the road end up in Delicious. Videos end up in my queue to be watched at home. If I find an article for a friend I can share from the app or site via twitter, email or several other services.  Once I integrated with the Ifttt (If This Then That) service I can capture articles from Reddit, my RSS reader Feedly and many other services.. Things that I want to post and share with the world end up on Tumblr or Facebook.

While you can’t follow other users and view their content, I feel that I have enough other content discovery services where I can get new and interesting things. While it doesn’t have the social sharing, I think that the privacy of allowing me to decide what is shared is more desirable.


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