23 Mobile Things, Thing #9 Taking and Sharing Pictures

So I use my phone for 99% of my picture taking. I have a point and shoot that I used to take on vacations and to other events where I would anticipate taking pictures. I don’t think that I know where my camera is off the top of my head, that’s how long it’s been since I took it out.

My phone on the other hand rarely leaves my side, has a camera that is great for taking photos. Are they going to be professionally shot, well lit, and RAW formatted? No, but for sharing online, and printing out the occasional 5”x7” my smartphone is a fantastic camera.

The other great thing that I love about my smartphone camera is the fact that while the hardware is locked in, the software can change. I have 3 different apps installed that use the camera; the stock Android 4.1 camera app, a newer Jelly Bean Android camera app, and Camera ZOOM FX, a premium camera app.

I uses the Jelly Bean Camera, it’s simple, fast and has access to all the standard features like ISO settings, exposure and or white balance. The Camera ZOOM FX has all of theses settings and more, but also has the ability to add Instagram like filters, software stability, burst mode, and other features.

For editing pictures on my mobile devices I use Snapseed, which allows for much more powerful editing of photographs. Snapseed lets you edit color balance, brightness, HDR effects, black and white and many other tools. It’s a great app for touching up your photos.

I use my camera for a variety of things professionally. I take pictures of ideas for displays, creative shelving arrangements, books that I’d like to read later. I also use a tablet camera to document events, take pictures of displays at my library and my portfolio.

It’s not the best camera, but as something that I’ll always have with me, my smartphone is a great camera.


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