23 Mobile Things, Thing #12 Books, Books, & More Books.

I’ve been using Wattpad for a little while and it is a quick and easy way to find new books. The link to Project Guttenberg is nice, it gives hundreds of thousands of open copyright books for free. What Wattpad seems to excel at is give new authors a place to easily self publish. There are hundreds of writers out there that have uploaded books to the platform. The writing levels may not be up to professional levels, but there are some gems in the rough.

Wattpad also gives a social aspect to reading. You can see who your favorite authors are reading/following, get suggestions from peoples votes and so forth. I think that it’s a good place to read raw fiction, and you may find the next popular author on the app.

The content of Wattpad is of varying levels, but there is something for just about everyone.


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