23 Mobile Things, Thing # 13, Presentations

For presentations I downloaded Deck Slideshow presentations and used it to create a presentation. While my first attempt to create a presentation was rudimentary, it was easy to see how this app could be used to create some very slick visual presentations.  It took some fiddling to get used to the interface, but once you found how to edit and more of the options some really great things opened up for you. You can add graphics, pictures, charts and tables like in PowerPoint, and Deck walks you through creating different inserts to help your production. Moving slides and rejiggering your presentation is a breeze from the overview.

Once you have the presentation completed to your satisfaction it’s easy to export it via things like email, dropbox or box, in either a deck format, pdf, or PowerPoint. It does seem like you lose some of the visuals and animation going from Deck to a different format, but you have some more options if you need a bigger screen for presentations(via .ppt or .pdf).

Overall this seems like a great app to give a presentation on your tablet, you can easily create and edit it in place on your mobile device. It does seem like it’s a little basic, and you need to pay for some of the different themes for your presentations. It also looks like you can’t switch themes in the same presentation. In the end it seems like this is a good option for mobile presentations, but not perfect.


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