23 Mobile Things, Thing #14, Video

Video seems to be a versatile tool for communicating with your customers. Using the short Vines as something like moving ads you can spotlight upcoming events and create engaging advertisements. Vine is also akin to Twitter’s social network model, where you can manage your social profile to engage the customers. The short Vines can also help point out new services or show of interesting new books and features at the library.

The slightly longer Viddy allows you to create short instructional videos about your services. Explain how to use the self-checkouts, RFID scanners or other products. An example would be Hennepin County’s new iPad Dispenser. You have to get right to the point with Viddy, 30 seconds is not a lot of time, but that also forces you to be on topic and clear.

Both Viddy and Vine let you share your videos by embedding them on websites, sharing on their own sites, or uploading to tumblr, Facebook or Youtube. They seem to be great ways to extend your social presence and interact with you followers as you can allow comments on your videos and use that as another platform to connect.


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