23 Mobile Things, thing #15, Infographics.

Setting up Infographics Hub was easy, searching through the database of infographics was a breeze. You can browse by topic, search for keywords, see which of the infographics have been rated highest by other users, save infographics for later use. Infographics Hub is tied to their web service, www.infographicsposters.com, where users can submit their created infographics to be indexed, searched and helped with branding and SEO (there is also a $20 submission fee). Back in the app, you can share infographics that you find with social networks, email or embed them in your webpage.

It would have been nice if submission had been cheaper, but it is a private service hosting and curating the infographics. At the same time, hosting a signal graphic on your own host isn’t going to break the bank, but it might get more views from app users.

It would have been nice if Infographics Hub included tools to create and edit your own infographics, but it looks like primarily just hosting. Other web services that allow you to create and host on a single site are Vizualize.me, Piktochart,  Infogr.am and Google Developers.


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