23 Mobile Things, Thing #17, Connecting to Community

Using the Going Out app, published by the Star Tribune is a decent do all app for people in the Twin Cities. The app gives you links to reviews (from the paper it seems like) of restaurants, events, movies, museums and other activities. It is nice that there are specific events for families with children. It automatically defaults to your current location and gives you what’s going on around you, it does let you search other areas and addresses as well, but the default area seems rather narrow. I like the variety of options that the app gives you for upcoming events, between movies, theatre, comedy clubs, music and museums it seems like it is rather easy to find something to do on any given night. It is really handy that it is linked to the Star Trib’s events section.

I’m sure it would be fairly easy to contact the paper to get library events posted in the app. Another way to advertise to tech savvy patrons.

The app itself is rather basic, there are areas where it could definitely be improved. The UI is rather ugly, and it takes a while to load (at least by app standards). It would also be nice if you could rearrange the menu. The ratings for restaurants are all from the paper, whereas the movie show you the Rotten Tomatoes ratings as well. It be nice to see user ratings integrated into the app everywhere.

Overall a pretty good app, isn’t as in depth as something like OpenTable for restaurants or Flixster for movies, but it is all wrapped up in one place so it makes it more useful.


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