23 Mobile Things, Thing #19, Hobbies.

For this thing, I chose two apps that help me with my hobbies, watching sports, and doing sports.

For following my favorite teams I use the Yahoo! Sports app and widget. It works on both tablets and phones, and I feel that it is a great app. You can use it to follow just about every competitive sport, MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, college sports (football, men’s and women’s basketball), Soccer (World Cup, Premier League,  MLS and many more), racing (Indy Car, NASCAR and Formula 1) and more. You can filter the listings to see just the sports that you want, you can also choose your favorite teams, once you do that the widget displays the current game, and updates fairly quickly. If more then one game is going on at the same time, you can easily scroll through the different teams all on the widget. Another great feature is the  ability to set alerts; say you wan to be reminded when the next Twins game is, once you have the Twins set as a favorite you, Yahoo Sports gives you the option of getting an alert before the 1st pitch. You can be even more obsessive and get an alert when the score changes, new innings, end of the game score, as well as breaking news about the Twins. All in all, a great app for the Android sports fan, and it always has a place on my phone’s home-screen.

For tracking my sports, I use Endomondo Sports Tracker, (Pro Version with a few more features HERE). Endomondo is one of the sports tracker apps that have sprung up to take advantage of your phones GPS to track your activity. If you have compatible equipment, Endomondo logs your heart rate automatically, and tracks your weight.   I use it to track my bike rides, you can use it for just about any distance activity such as running, cross country skiing, skating, golf, hiking, walking, sailing, kayaking, kite surfing and more. The free version lets you see route and time, a music player and more, the pro version gives you access to lap times, pace, altitude and more information, then there is also a premium subscription that gives you access to more statistics, a customizable training plan, integrated weather information and more. One of the things that I really enjoy is when you do a workout, you can save the route that you took, and share that, other people can do the same route, or you can look at what route other users have done, using that, I found a new tour of Minneapolis that goes right by my house. Endomondo also has a social aspect, you can see who is doing what, compete your friends, or join challenges across the network to see who can go the furthest, burn the most calories, fastest pace, etc. Some of the challenges are for bragging rights, some have physical prizes (new phones, workout gear, endomondo premium membership). Endomondo does use your GPS to track you, so it can drain the battery a little faster then normal use.


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