23 Mobile Things, Thing #20, Games.

On my phone I have a decent selection of games, if I have a few minutes of downtime I’ll play a hand or two of Gin Rummy, or take a few turns in FreeCiv (I try and limit myself to only a few turns at a time, but FreeCiv is a mobile, opensource version of Civilization II, one of the greatest time sinks I’ve ever played). If I have some more time, or just in the mood for some gaming while out in the world I have a few games that are my current favorites.

2048 by Gabriele Cirulli is a seemingly simple game, but is as addictive and complex as they come. The game takes place on a 4×4 grid, you then get two tiles to start with, you slide them together, like numbers merge together (a 2 tile and a 2 tile makes a 4 tile and so on). You can’t control individual tiles though, when you slide a direction, all the tiles go that way. The goal is to make a 2048 tile. When you have no more vaild moves, the game is over. You can also keep playing to get higher scores as well.

Another game that I’ll play is Plague, Inc. You are in control of a disease, and your goal is to infect everyone on the planet. You can mutate different symptoms to become more infectious, but if you become to infectious too early, you become noticed and then work begins on a cure. Plague, Inc. won game of the year in 2012, and has been recognized by the Centers of Disease Control as a game that “creates a compelling world that engages the public on serious public health topics”. I like the game because of the replay value as well, there are a multitude of different kinds of diseases, all of them play differently, as well as new scenarios now too. The game is a few years old, but due to its popularity, the developers are still bringing out new content for it.


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