23 Mobile Things, #23, Evaluating 23 Mobile Things

So looking back through my 22 other 23 Mobile Things posts, I feel that I’ve learned quite a bit about my devices. I have found many different ways that I could use my phone and tablet in a library, new apps to use, blogging on Tumblr, keeping up with social media using Buffer, reading with Overdrive and 3M Cloud library, working on presentations with Deck, and so on.

I really liked some of the things that I never thought about using my phone for, like managing social media or using it as a mobile workstation. Buffer and Deck are both tools that I think are just as polished as their desktop alternatives, if not more so.

I think that following what other librarians are doing is a great way to get ideas, and to spread them, as using something like Tumblr, or Blogger is a great way to communicate ideas. And it’s not in only one direction, you can show your ideas to your followers, and they can send you their thoughts through messaging and comments. I’m going to be sure to keep up on some blogs that I have found in doing 23 Mobile Things.

I think that given how much fun I had doing this project, I would for certain participate in another 23 Things type program.


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